JK Rowling's Pottermore comes to Playstation Home

Credit: Source: Pottermore trailer

Here's a bit of interesting news; JK Rowling's "Pottermore" is coming to the Sony Playstation 3's "Playstation Home" social service.

OK so let's catch everyone up. Pottermore is a website devoted to Harry Potter fans, both books and films, but maybe more so the former. It lets you dig through the books chapter by chapter, at times uncovering appendix-esque material written by Ms. Rowling. It's free to sign up and if you love the books, you'll probably have some fun poking around in the Pottermore website.

Now Playstation Home is Sony's social space accessible via the Playstation 3. Originally Sony promised this would be a place where gamers could show off the trophies they'd earned playing games and things of that nature, but what we wound up with is a place more like Second Life, but without the ability to build things.

I've always found the common areas in Home to be slightly creepy. The avatars strive to be realistic but instead crash hard into the uncanny valley, they run as if they're all in desperate need of a bathroom and there always seems to be a few female avatars running around in as little clothing as possible.

So about as far removed from Harry Potter as you can imagine, really.

But Playstation Home also features customized areas that house games, and many of these are at least less creepy than the generic Home experience. Pottermore will presumably be one of these offshoots to the main Home experience.

Once a fan has logged into Home and then into Pottermore (and it'd be really nice if kids could bypass the generic Home experience and log right into Pottermore), they take on the guise of a Hogwarts student and can take part in min-games, trivia quests or just run around and explore. I think it looks pretty good:

But here's what I find most interesting about this announcement. We know the Playstation 4 is coming at the end of this year. It seems, then, a curious decision that Rowling's people would decide to roll out a product like this on a platform that is soon to be somewhat obsolete.

I wonder if this is an indication that Playstation Home will also be available on the Playstation 4? We know very little about what Sony is planning for their new platform, beyond the games.

Or perhaps the assumption is that the PS3 will stick around and get cheaper and 'trickle down' to a younger generation of gamers; presumably the ones who'd be most interested in logging into Pottermore in the first place.

In any event, Pottermore is scheduled to launch on Home next month.

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