Can Twitter predict the next pope?

As the College of Cardinals meets to pick a new pope, we examine how many of them use Twitter and whether that can help predict the next pontiff

cardinal_scherer-600x450_0.jpgImage credit: REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini
If the pope is chosen based on amount of tweeting, then Cardinal Odilo Scherer of Brazil is your next pontiff

As we all know, over in Rome the 115 members of the College of Cardinals are hard at work trying to pick a new pope. The official conclave began on Tuesday, at which time the cardinals were required hand over their smartphones, tablets and laptops, because they are not allowed to communicate with the outside world until a new pope is chosen. That means no phone calls, no emailing and, of course, no tweeting.

This got me to wondering just how many of these gents are tweeting in the first place. Also, would tweeting a lot, or having a lot of Twitter followers, be considered a positive or negative when considering whether someone would make a good pope? To find out, I got a list of the cardinals involved in choosing the next pope and looked to see who was even on Twitter, how much they tweeted and how many followers they had.

Based on my research, here now, are your tweeting cardinals:

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