How to easily delete your Facebook, Gmail, and other online accounts

This one site helps you remove your account or public profile on most popular websites

Signing up for a new account for Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Skype, and other sites is pretty easy. Finding a way to really ditch those accounts, however, isn't always so. AccountKiller is a tremendous resource to help you remove your personal data for over 540 websites and services.

AccountKiller can't do it for you or log into your account. Rather, it offers the links and instructions for removing your account from each of the sites covered. It's like a dashboard for deleting yourself from the internet, if you wish, or just from select sites.

The site also helpfully rates the ease with which you can delete your account, and lists in a blacklist which ones do not offer a way for you to remove your profile. (Shame on you Skype and company!) Before signing up with one of these, you might want to look at the blacklist before agreeing to have your personal information possibly permanently stored with the company.

For most sites, however, deleting your accounts is easy--and even easier with AccountKiller's information. Unfortunately, it's still as tedious as getting your personal data removed from people search websites.

Here's the link again: AccountKiller

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