Too many tabs? This brilliant Chrome extension consolidates them into one, saving up to 95% of memory

Perfect for tab junkies!

My name is Melanie Pinola, and I am a tabaholic. I know that the more tabs I open, the more memory Chrome consumes until it eventually slows to a crawl, but I can't help it. I need a lot of tabs when I'm doing research. (And sometimes I can't help hitting Ctrl+T.) One-Tab is a terrific Chrome extension that solves this problem, letting me keep a collection of the sites I've opened in one tab and freeing as much as 95% of memory.

The free app is full of useful features. Click on the OneTab icon and it converts all the tabs into a list. You can restore all of them at once when you need to or click just one to turn it back into a tab. You can also share the list as a web page, export it as a list of URLs for importing later into OneTab, and drag-and-drop the tabs in the list to reorder them.

Even if you close the OneTab, uh, tab or restart your computer, the extension still keeps your saved links for next time.

According to the developers, there are also other benefits: Reducing your system's CPU load and helping the computer resume from sleep faster.

If your browser looks like this:


This extension is for you: OneTab [via Hacker News]

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