It's not just hype: Users say cloud saves money, increases collaboration

The benefits of cloud computing are many and real, according to a couple recent surveys of the people who should know best -- enterprise customers with cloud deployments.

It's one thing to be enthusiastic about a new trend like cloud computing, but it's an entirely different story when you can point to concrete, measurable advantages, like users do in two surveys recapped in this excellent writeup. You can basically take your pick because the numbers jump out and grab your attention: How about, "88 percent of cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent of respondents agreed that cloud services have helped them boost profits." Or, "60 percent of respondents said cloud computing has reduced the need for their IT team to maintain infrastructure, giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation."

There's more. Yes, the surveys were conducted by vendors with skin in the game -- Rackspace Hosting and CDW -- but the answers just make too much sense to be made up. Like the results saying small businesses are using the cloud primarily for storage, while larger businesses and government entities are using it for collaboration and conferencing apps -- all great examples of how to use the cheapest resources in the best way for the best advantage.

As a bonus, there's even a cloud roadmap at the end of the piece, providing a strategic how-to so that a cloud strategy is mapped to ROI, and not just implemented because it sounds cool. If you're a cloud fence-sitter, this story is for you. Visit us at the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to join the conversation.

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