Hulu redesigns Apple TV app

Credit: Source: Hulu

I'm a Roku guy, but I have friends who swear by Apple TV and tell me it's the best streaming solution available. Those friends will be happy to hear that Hulu Plus has rolled out a new design of their Apple TV app.

In a blog post yesterday, Hulu's Senior Product Manager, Living Room (I love that title) Dave Herman outlined the improvements, which basically focus on getting your past the "looking for something to watch" stage and into the "pass the popcorn" viewing stage as quickly as possible:

When redesigning the experience, we looked for ways to grant you instant access to exactly what you want to watch. Once you decide on the show you want to watch, simply press the “Play” button and the latest episode of the series will automatically start playing.

To that end Hulu has added a horizontal list of categories and tools across the top of the app (TV, Movies, Kids, Latino, Queue, Search & Settings). The rest of the interface is dedicated to exposing the maximum amount of content possible via a series of horizontal 'carousels' including one dedicated to the shows you wach.

Tom Cheredar over at VentureBeat has more details on the new Apple TV Hulu; I'm deferring to him because he seems to have had some hands-on time and the chance to dig in to unearth details of the new app beyond the ones Herman shared.

In order to use the Hulu Plus app, you do need to pay a $7.99/month subscription fee. And it's always important to point out that even with a subscription you still get ads, though in my experience not nearly as many as you'd get via cable television.

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