Don't forget the Wi-Fi in your campus BYOD recipe

Since devices are part of the BYOD acronym, it's obvious why IT staffs pay lots of attention to the new arrivals coming to their networks. But a good story over on FierceMobileIT has some good advice about not ignoring your Wi-Fi network, which is probably going to be the main point of access for all those D's in the BYO equation.


One of the big drivers of more local traffic is collaboration, whether it's a simple social media network app, or something like videoconferencing, which can now take place at the drop of a tablet. Rohit Mehra, vice president of network infrastructure at IDC, had a good quote on that trend:

"Applications that ride on top of mobile infrastructure in the areas of social business, collaboration or video have also been drivers for the build out of Wi-Fi in the enterprise," Mehra told FierceMobileIT. Increasing the scale and density of the local Wi-Fi networks, he said, is often a necessary step as usage increases.

If your local network has been caught off guard by BYOD, don't feel bad -- it has happened to a lot of enterprises, the story says, in part because many IT staffs don't think of local needs when mobility is discussed or budgeted.

Has your enterprise seen a surge in local wireless network demands? How did you handle it? Let us know in the comments below or visit me at the Mobile Enterprise 360 community and let me know your thoughts.

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