The Weekly Hash - March 22, 2013

Searching from the top of the world to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean to bring you - and make fun of - this week’s top tech stories

032113_mayer_zuckerberg-small.jpgImage credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Marissa Mayer could use some advice from Mark Zuckerberg

Hey, we made it to Friday! Thank goodness. I’m still in mourning about the loss of Google Reader. I’m trying some other services, but still relying on Reader, primarily. But it kind of sucks; it feels like being forced to keep living with your girlfriend who just dumped you. Feedly and I are dating, but I’m not feeling the same chemistry that Reader and I had.

Let’s try and cheer things up with some tech-based goofiness.

Mark Zuckerberg was the nation’s highest rated CEO in a recent survey of workers. He got a 99% approval rating among Facebook employees - which isn’t surprising since they knew their votes would be made public by default.

Google Maps now includes images from the peaks of four of the highest mountains in the world. Somehow, they still managed to get photobombed by a guy relieving himself.

Pope Francis tweeted for the first time this week. His first tweet asked people to pray for him; his second tweet asked people to pray for his Final Four picks.

Google announced this week that they will be adding Olathe, Kansas to the short list of cities getting Google Fiber high-speed broadband service. People in Olathe were shocked; even they had never heard of their city.

Happy birthday to Twitter, which turned seven this week. Here’s how old seven is for a social network: if Twitter were a man, he’d be getting up every couple of hours each night to go to the bathroom.

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello resigned on Monday. He said he was disappointed to leave, but was looking forward to spending time mismanaging his family.

An expedition led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has recovered parts of two Apollo F-1 rocket engines from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. For help in restoring the wrecked, twisted metal, they’ve hired Lindsay Lohan’s mechanic.

On Thursday Google launched it’s new note taking service, Google Keep. As part of the launch they created an instructional video to show users how to use the other note taking services they’ll need to switch to when Google Keep gets killed off.

The Mars Curiosity rover was put into safe mode for two days earlier this week while engineers fixed a software bug. The good news is they got Curiosity’s computer functioning in time to host NASA’s March Madness pool.

A man who stole a woman’s iPhone accidentally posted a picture of himself smoking marijuana to her Facebook account. Police are asking for help in identifying him, but are warning that, if you see him, he’s to be considered armed and extremely hungry.

That’ll wrap the week up for me. Enjoy the weekend and good luck with your brackets, if they aren’t already in shambles.

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