Hey Space, enough with the meteors already!

Another celestial object streaks across the night sky on the U.S. East Coast

Credit: Image credit: Flickr/CJ ISHERWOOD

Dear Space, Seriously, this meteor thing is getting a bit out of control. While meteors, asteroids and such make for a nice visual, they're sort of heavy, thus making them quite dangerous if they land with any impact. Did you know that about 1,200 people were injured in Russia last month from flying glass and other debris after a meteor crashed in a lake? It could have been worse if the meteor had hit land. Now you're dropping them on the East Coast of the U.S. (video below). Fortunately, it appears this meteor burned up in our atmosphere, despite your best efforts to wreak havoc on us. (In your face, Space!) But it could be seen by people in 13 states and two Canadian provinces. This particular meteor crossed the night sky around 8 p.m. If it had been a few hours later, many more of us would have been drunk and perhaps inclined to panic. I suggest you work on your timing. Also, to give you fair warning, the U.S. Congress has taken notice of your recent meteor activity. If you don't ease up, our politicians will respond to your meteors with empty threats, meaningless rhetoric and pointless infighting. Granted, that's just another day at the office down here, but do you really want to be the topic of that sorry spectacle? While many of us on Earth are aware that thousands of meteors penetrate our atmosphere almost daily -- mostly unseen because they occur over oceans, in remote areas or during daylight -- it is important to understand that on this planet, perceptions always trump reality. Hence the interest of Congress. I should mention that we have on our neighboring planet Mars a land-based rover equipped with a laser. A laser! You know, like in science fiction movies. Not a threat; just a point of information for you to consider. Earth and you have co-existed for billions of years, Space, and probably will do so for billions more. That's a long time to endure a strained relationship. So please quit dropping stuff on us. Signed, A concerned and irritated Earthling

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