Enterprises: Time to Tell Cloud Vendors What You Need

Reading Ron Miller's description of a "new cold war" between enterprise software vendors and cloud app providers made me wonder why more enterprises don't have more direct conversations with vendors -- especially the new disruptive cloud vendors -- about what they need or want in application features.

Listening to cloud vendors talk at last week's Business Insider Ignition Mobile conference, I was struck by the apparent surprise among the vendors that enterprises might like things like better Windows integration and more security features. I get it that many of the cloud vendors are finding success in being consumer-friendly, but it's also apparent that there is a huge market for the kinds of services they are selling in the enterprise -- a market that would always be bigger if they could add in those enterprise-friendly features.

Sure there's a balance somewhere -- as the Evernote CTO told the Ignite audience, if you try to add too many of those features into the mix, you end up with a product that doesn't work. But it seems like now is a good time for enterprises to step up to the cloud vendors and start describing exactly what it is they need and want. At the very least, the discussion will let you know if that particular vendor is open to adding enterprise features, or not. Visit the Mobile Enterprise 360 community to join the discussion.

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