Feedly's updated RSS reader mobile apps make leaving Google Reader easier

The Google Reader replacement is faster, has a more compact view, and highlights your "must reads"

If you're thinking of jumping ship from soon-to-be-defunct Google Reader or are among the 500,000 who have already fled to Feedly, here's some good news. Feedly, the newsreading service that most people are using as a Google Reader alternative, is demonstrating its commitment to the product and users with revamped Android and iOS apps.

As before, the mobile RSS readers sync with Feedly on your desktop browser, and migrating your Google Reader feeds to Feedly is as easy as connecting the service in the website or apps.

New features make it easier to search your newsfeeds and find new ones to subscribe to, thanks to the service's improved search index and new "smart topic completion" feature.

Feedly also has a new section called "Must Reads," which lets you quickly access the feeds you always want to see updates from--without having to organize them into a specific folder.

Perhaps most notable in the updated iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android apps is the compact title-only view, which makes scanning your feeds much faster and similar to the Google Reader mobile experience.

I was never a big fan of Google Reader's mobile apps, so the new Feeder ones are a welcome update. They're easier on the eye, in my opinion, and it's just plain reassuring that the company is continuing to add new features and listing to users for feedback.

You can download Feedly here.

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