UFO wars, Mayan doomsday and moon cities: A banner year for science crazy

Plenty of space news in 2012 spawned a generous amount of Earth-based lunacy

The year about to end brought out plenty of the crazy, from Donald Trump to the Mayan doomsday cultists. But no list of the most ridiculous/paranoid/delusional beliefs of 2012 would be complete without a few space-related entries, so I've compiled some of my favorites below. Take a brief moment to enjoy your sanity. Rats on Mars! Someone with very poor eyesight and/or a vivid imagination posted a video from the Mars Curiosity Rover which he claims shows "smoking gun evidence of LIFE ON MARS!" And he "would like anyone to prove differently!" Well, I think this guy is a time traveler from another dimension, and I would like him to prove differently!

Fierce UFO War in Antarctica Did you know there's a tremendous ongoing battle between the "Terrans" -- otherwise known as Earthlings -- and an invading group of aliens who have established underwater UFO bases off Antarctica because apparently under an ocean is the best place to store a spacecraft. Oddly, despite the frequent skirmishes, there are no good videos of the fights between the invading Reptoids and combined Terran forces from the land masses known as North America and Asia. But here's a demonstration video of Raytheon's Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, which according to impeccable sources recently destroyed a Reptoid craft with deadly ease. If the Reptoids had only seen this video, they could have avoided a Terran butt-kicking.

How Obama Created the 'Frankenstorm' OK, this one doesn't have to do with space, but it's so ridiculous I couldn't leave it out. According to some conspiracy nuts, President Obama ordered the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) to manipulate Hurricane Sandy so it would cause unprecedented damage, allowing Obama to either win the November election by looking "presidential" or maybe declare martial law. Can anyone prove Obama didn't cause the Frankenstorm?

Aliens Are Messing With Our Sun! Remember all those solar flares earlier this year that screwed up our electricity grids, GPS systems and communications satellites? Well, what if these solar flares are occurring not naturally, but via the hidden hand of someone who might have a vested interest in knocking out communications and tracking technology on Earth? Or something like that. (This video features music that is a combination of the Rocky theme song, death metal and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. You've been warned.)

The Menace of Planet X Of course, the Mayan doomsday prophecy occupied the attention of the media right up until December 21, 2012, when we all perished as predicted. What we perceive as real now is only a fluttering of cosmic energy in the wake of our destruction one week ago. I bet the ebbing energy fields of all those Mayan "doubters" feel a bit silly right now!

The Moon Needs Some Zoning Laws! We've heard for many years that NASA is hiding the existence of buildings on the moon created by aliens or us, depending on which day you ask. Here's a video from PlanetAnomalies that shows clear and incontrovertible evidence of numerous blurry, dark shadows on our lunar neighbor. Must we continue to deny the obvious?

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