The most useful posts from Mobilize! in 2012

The most action-ready, explainer-y, how-to-ish posts I wrote in the just-past year about phones and such.

Credit: Original photo by Robert S. Donovan on Flickr

Sometimes, in this space, I prognosticate, opine, and analyze things that have recently happened in the technology sector of our weird modern life. Those opinions are sometimes intriguing, and sometimes popular. Other times I actually try to provide help and suggest best practices and point to actual tools for fixing things up, and my editor, my friends, and everybody else seem much, much happier.

To close out 2012 on the first day of 2013, I present here, in helpful (read: holiday-lazy) list form, a subjective list of the most helpful and useful things I wrote at ITWorld in 2012.

Android stuff

I write about Android quite a bit, usually with an eye to explaining its peculiarities to newcomers, troubleshooters, and even those looking for a reason not to like it.

Chrome and Chromebooks

iPhone and iOS and other Apple things

General interest

Personal quests and obsessions

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