My new years resolutions for 2013

Fewer Facebook friends, more time on the new MySpace, and a massive inbox purge are on my list of things to get done this year.

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A new year, another set of resolutions. In 2013 I plan to spend more time on the ‘lesser’ social networks, purge my Facebook and Twitter lists of people who just annoy me, and focus on more positive trends in the world of social media, technology, and privacy. Read them quick, before I forget entirely about them.

Lose weight. And by “weight,” I mean the 72.4 percent of my Facebook friends who are near total strangers to me. For past few years I’ve been fairly liberal (one might even say promiscuous) in whom I decided to friend; starting this year I'll be as chaste as a nun. Then I'll start trimming the outliers. Every post on my news feed will now go through my patented WTF filter: Every time I see something from someone I don't recognize, I'll say ‘who the frak is that?’ and hit Unfriend. Interestingly, this is much easier to do on my iPad app, where Facebook’s inscrutable Edgerank algorithm is apparently not filtering out 95 percent of other people’s posts the way it does on the Web.

I’m also planning to trim the list of people I follow on Twitter, mostly by nixing the boring ones. That would include 99.7 percent of social media gurus, wanna-be supermodels, and people who post photos of what they’re currently eating (you know who you are).

Clean out my inbox. Once again, my email inbox has become a dumping ground for other people's electronic trash, so it's time for a purge there too. The first thing I'm going to do is nuke all those political newsletters that snagged my email address during the last election and are still hounding me for money. They can all now jump off a fiscal cliff, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm also telling Spotify to sod off. I really don't give a frak what my so-called friends are listening to, so I'm opting out of all of those annoying notifications that I don't remember signing up for in the first place.

Expand my “social life.” I plan to diversify my social media gazing in 2013, spending less time on Facebook and Twitter and more time on others. I might even hang out on Google+ every now and again. I will give Socl another shot, to see if it's gotten any more interesting, before Microsoft decides to kill it a year from now and launch yet another doomed social network. I'm also planning to stalk Justin Timberlake – or at least spend more time on the new MySpace.

On the flip side I plan to continue to ignore Pinterest and its various clones, as I have for the past 347 years. (Well, except for my steampunk pinboard.) And I'm quitting Instagram. Not because it made a horribly ham-fisted grab for its users' photographs, only to back down after getting soundly spanked by the InterWebs. I'm quitting because it is quite possibly the dumbest idea ever conceived.

Link out. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much sick to death of those pointless LinkedIn endorsement requests. Yes, it's very nice that someone I've never worked with or spoken to but share a vague professional association with endorses my blogging skills, but I can't imagine that's worth anything to any potential employer – especially since LinkedIn goaded them into clicking that box. I’m going to find out what it takes to opt out. Look for more on this in a future post.

Wag more, bark less. I’m hoping to focus on some of the more positive aspects of social media interaction in 2013, as well as the encouraging developments in the world of Internet privacy. I think there's some saying about old dogs and new tricks that may apply here, but I'm going to do my best to ignore it.

What do you resolve to do this year? List yours below or ping me on Twitter.

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