New year's tech resolutions: best digital practices for 2013

How to enjoy better online security, faster PC performance, and lower technology prices in the year ahead.

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Best Digital Practices

We know we sound like a digital mom each year, nagging you to backup your PCs. The good news in 2013, for all you procrastinators, is there are a number of new cloud backup options that make it easy and free (albeit sometimes with a catch) to protect your data from fire, flood, theft, and other localized disasters.

But why stop with data backup when it comes to computer best practices? Tuning up your laptop and de-gunking it of both digital and physical crud will make it run faster. For your PC, there are over 50 tools to download from PCWorld for putting some zip into a lagging system. And if you've resolved to use Windows 7 for a another year or so, you'll want to make sure your system is still optimized for the OS and you are up to speed with all the latest performance tips.

You can't go wrong with these links to PC tips, tricks, and cleanup advice.

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* Your Annual PC Tune-up

* How to clean your PC, inside and out

* Lock Down Your Wi-Fi Network

If you're having trouble kick-starting your resolution to hit the gym more, these digital New Year's resolutions are just the right excuse to feel less guilty about sitting around the house one more day. Don't feel bad either, resolving better PC practices is always a plus. Just don't let us catch you go another year without backing up your hard drive or not updating your software to fend off the latest security threats.

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