The Weekly Hash - January 4, 2013

A tongue-in-cheek review of tech stories from this first week of 2013, today featuring Mark Zuckerberg getting back to his roots, Google and the FTC making nice and the reason YouTube’s return in Pakistan was so brief

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A three month ban on YouTube in Pakistan was lifted on Saturday. However, Prime Minister Rehman Malik quickly reinstated the ban after being Rick Rolled.

Tuesday marked the 30th birthday of the modern Internet, when TCP/IP became the primary Internet protocol. Vint Cerf, one of the developers of TCP/IP, celebrated with a whole bunch of really small parties.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt will be going to North Korea soon as part of a humanitarian mission. A spokesman said there is no business plan for the trip and I’m thinking, isn’t that how they came up with Google Wave?

Adoption of Windows 8 during its first two months of availability was lower than that of Window’s Vista during its first two months. On the plus side, though, Windows 8 sales are way ahead of projected Windows 9 sales.

A new study released this week finds more world leaders than ever are using Twitter. In the U.S. it’s so popular among politicians that earlier today John Boehner tweeted at Harry Reid to “Go f*** yourself.”

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