Guys invent real-life Mario Kart go-carts

Watch out for that RFID-enabled banana peel!

We've seen a bunch of videos that have parodied the Mario Kart video game with films of people driving around go-carts in real life, but this one takes it to the next level.


The guys from WaterlooLabs figured out how to modify their go-carts to trigger the vehicle's throttle, brake and gas system depending on what other opponents threw at them. Like in the video game, when you throw a banana peel and another car runs over it, the car would stop or slow down.

The team did this by creating real-life physical objects that contained RFID tags, so when the cart ran by such an object, the RFID would trigger the cart to slow down, speed up, etc. Watch this awesome video to learn more:

If this system can be perfected, I'd love to see this enabled at my local go-cart track, although most of the ones I go to get upset if you even bump another cart.

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