15 great IT telecommuting jobs

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1. Software tester 2. Software developer 3. Training materials developer 4. Business analyst 5. Website designer 6. Database designer 7. Production monitoring and support

A Group Coordinator is a type of job that coordinates the work of others. Therefore, people in this type of role need continual status and feedback from those they are leading and need to provide ongoing instruction to their team. Examples of these types of jobs include:

1. Project manager 2. Lead software developer 3. IT Manager

Regarding working remotely, the higher the level of needed communication and responsibility, the harder it is to effectively work remotely. I’m not saying that it cannot be done; in fact it’s done all the time. I’m just saying that unless the organization’s processes are truly designed and optimized to facilitate remote workers, then effective communication and thus work efficiency can be rather elusive at best, and impossible at worst. That said, if you want to work remotely, make sure that the organization you are working with facilitates and accommodates its physically diverse workforce. If they do, it’s a great opportunity for both you and the organization/company you serve.

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