Soon you'll be able to share your Netflix history on Facebook

An amendment to the Video Privacy Protection Act will make it simpler to share your video viewing history with your social media friends - but some of us may not want to do that

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But will I, personally, as a Netflix streaming customer, choose to share such information with my Facebook buddies? The answer is most definitely no and the reason is because I have a wife and two daughters and we all share one Netflix streaming account. That means, should I choose today to automatically share my Netflix viewing history on Facebook, my friends would think that I recently streamed the following:

High School Musical 2

Hannah Montana: Season 4: Episode 9: Love That Lets Go

The Suite Life on Deck: Season 1: Episode 21: Double-Crossed

Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless: Part 1

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

You see my problem here? Of course, it was my daughters who watched these, not me (no, seriously). But that distinction won’t matter much to my college buddies when they see it on my Facebook wall. I simply can’t have that.

So, I will not be enabling that feature whenever Netflix and Facebook make it available. However, given that Netflix is also working on the ability to have separate user profiles - including separate streaming queues and (presumably) viewing histories - I may be able to safely share such information in the future without fear of losing my man card. Although, I may still want to rethink that choice if/when Titanic becomes available for streaming on Netflix. I just can’t quit that movie.

Will you be sharing your Netflix viewing history on Facebook? If not, why not? Let us know your thoughts on this most important issue.

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