The Weekly Hash - January 11, 2013

A silly review of a bunch of tech stories from this past week, today featuring intelligent flatware at CES, John McAfee acting even crazier and the programming language of the year’s newest lady friend

011013_shower_phone-small.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson
No more missing a call because you're in the shower!

Did we all enjoy the big CES show in Las Vegas this week and seeing what new consumer toys we’re all supposed to run out and buy? There was so much there that I want that I would need a $1 trillion platinum coin to pay for it all. Anyone know where I could get one of those?

Anyway, believe it or not, there was some actual non-CES tech news, as well, this week, although most of it seemed to involve Google. Whatever. Let’s go ahead and celebrate Friday by poking fun at all of it...

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China this week to meet with government officials. He said he found it to be a very closed, autocratic place - so he felt right at home.

Google announced this week that they’re providing free Wi-Fi for an eight block area around their offices in New York City’s Chelsea district via 29 antennas attached to lampposts and buildings. So far, it’s been a big success; only 13 antennas are missing.

Microsoft’s C# was named the programming language of the year for 2012 this week. Here's how popular C# has become: it’s now dating a Kardashian.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt spent four days in North Korea this week. He said he hasn’t seen a place that backwards and out of touch since the last time he visited Microsoft.

This week at CES in Las Vegas, a company introduced a fork that helps you eat healthier by gently vibrating when you start eating too quickly. It’s pretty smart; it’ll also call the police if you get near a chalupa.

The Library of Congress announced this week that it now has 170 billion tweets in its collection. Experts say all those tweets will someday allow future generations to understand exactly how we wasted our time.

John McAfee claimed this week that while in Belize he spied on the government using hackers, prostitutes and keylogging software. He also said he applied the same techniques here in the U.S. to find out this year's Oscar nominees in advance.

On Wednesday Google announced that it was investing $200 million in a wind farm in Texas. Texas authorities are excited about it; they say the facility will produce enough power for 60,000 homes or 1,000 executions.

Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at CES on Wednesday. It’s the biggest thing he’s taken on since Monica Lewinsky.

We learned this week that Google earned more patents than Apple did in 2012. Unfortunately for Google, though, one of Apple’s patents last year was for patents.

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