Don't let the creepy close-ups of Mark Zuckerberg distract you

Facebook video has Zuck, others talking about Graph Search

Today's big announcement from Facebook is called Graph Search, which improves the search engine to let users find people, photos and places based on information already posted or "liked" by your friends.

Is it just me, or would Mark Zuckerberg be an awesome hypnotist?

In this video provided by Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook employees who helped build the search functionality talk about the reasons behind it. If you can avoid being distracted by the way-too-close close-ups of Mark Zuckerberg and some of the obvious green-screen backgrounds on some of the shots, you can find out why finding a local dentist recommended by friends will be much easier through their search rather than just posting on Facebook asking the question to your friends:

The Graph Search feature is currently in beta - go here if you want to sign up for it before it inevitably gets rolled out to everyone.

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