Review: Toshiba Satellite LX835-D3380, below average display, underperforming

The first Windows 8 Satellite LX835's biggest problem is it's display, with too many video artifacts and too much gloss.

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Off-axis viewing angles are acceptable, with very little loss of contrast or brightness. Unfortunately, this doesn't matter very much because the screen has no anti-glare coating, and so reflections are a big issue. The screen is bright enough that the lack of anti-glare is fine if you're standing directly in front of the computer, but if you're at even a slight angle it's basically reflection city.

As a touchscreen, the screen is just average. Touches and swipes are registered accurately, but the screen sometimes lags just a split second. Multi-touch gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom, are very shaky and stilted.

Video looks surprisingly below-average on the LX835, despite its discrete graphics card. In my tests, HD streaming video showed a larger-than-average amount of artifacts (blocky objects in the video), especially in high-motion scenes. These artifacts, which normally only occurs excessively in darker scenes, also showed up in lighter scenes.

It sounds okay, however. The speakers, which are located below the screen, produce loud, pleasant-sounding audio with a decently full range. What's nice is that the speakers get particularly loud, and with just a smidgen of distortion at the highest volume level.

Bottom line

Unfortunately, the biggest issue with this system is its screen. And, well, because the screen--the big, bright, 23-inch touchscreen--is still the main draw of an all-in-one system, this is a pretty big deal. Plus, it doesn't help that the Satellite LX835's performance is below par, even when compared with other 23-inch all-in-one computers. Let's just say that the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart costs about $350 more than the Satellite LX835, and this is definitely a case in which "you get what you pay for."

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