Star Wars/Trek mashups hit the Internet

Abrams news means a whole lof of Episode VII meets Into Darkness clips

Last week's announcement of J.J. Abrams as the director of Episode VII of the Star Wars series had a whole bunch of people busy on the Internet, trying to produce their version of what the new movie would look like.


At first, we saw a bunch of Star Wars images all filled with lens flares (a joke on Abrams' style from his films, using the special effect to blur out things you could actually see), but now we're starting to see some more creativity occur.

In this one, for example, we see scenes from Star Wars, but with an audio style and pacing of the Star Trek films (start slow, then ramp up the action). The YouTuber here (UnusualSuspect2011) does a very nice job on this:

One other mash-up that I saw involved another Abrams project, the TV show "Felicity". Having never watched the show I can't say whether this mash-up is funny or accurate, but maybe some Felicity fans can chime in:

We'll stay tuned for more of these Trek/Star Wars mashups as they hit the Web.

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