The IT to BT transformation and 9 ways to profit from it

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1. Analyze IT related processes from a business value perspective (business generated, customers satisfied, new business enabled, etc.), not just from a technical standpoint (time saved, steps eliminated, money saved, etc.). 2. Gain an understanding of your company’s business goals and objects. These insights will better position you to view IT related challenges from a business value perspective. 3. Take soft skills related classes, not just hard skill oriented training. These soft skills will better allow you to interact with those within IT and with your business/user counterparts. 4. Try to automate as many of your manual tasks as possible. This will give you more time to interact with the business users you serve. 5. Ask your business users how they measure your success and use this knowledge to help define your work priorities. 6. Don’t wait for the business to come to you with required tasks. Be proactive, work with them to help define these tasks. 7. Investigate what process-oriented technology tools are currently being used within your IT shop and devise new ways to use them to further automate IT and potentially reduce IT complexity. This will help expand your professional brand and move you toward a position of internal thought leadership. 8. Investigate what tools exist that are currently not being used within your company that would help you reduce the time-of-delivery of IT related projects to the business. 9. Develop specialized skill in the tools, methodologies, and processes that will help your IT organization and you personally redirect your emphasis from providing Information Technology and begin providing Business Technology.

In closing, don’t underestimate the professional importance of keeping up with industry trends and reading IT-oriented whitepapers from industry thought leaders. It not only keeps you up to date on current trends, but it also helps you plan out your professional future.

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