Mac Gems: Trickster tracks your recently used items

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If you're a keyboard jockey like me, you can configure a keyboard shortcut for toggling the Trickster window, and you can navigate that window using the keyboard. For example, you use the left and right arrows to move the focus between the filter and file lists; the up and down arrows to move between filters or between items in the selected filter's item list; Spacebar to toggle Quick Look; and Return to open the selected item. You can even press Command+C to copy the selected item(s) to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. Nearly any action you can perform in Trickster has a keyboard shortcut.

Another useful feature is the Favorites sidebar on the right. Rather than showing recently accessed and modified files, this sidebar hosts any files, folders, or volumes you frequently access--regardless of when the last time such access occurred. Double-click a favorite to open it; drag a favorite to use it like a file in the Finder; or drag an item into the favorites area to add it. Oddly, you can't drag an item into the Favorites sidebar to add it to the sidebar; you must find the item in Trickster and then use the Add To Favorites command for that item.

Finally, Trickster includes Automator and AppleScript support, as well as a nifty OS X service that lets you quickly add any Finder item to the top of Trickster's list; you can also drag items from the Finder into the Trickster window, or onto its menu-bar icon, to manually add those items to the top of the list--a useful feature if you want to, say, remember to open a particular file later.

Trickster doesn't provide an application-specific list of recent documents--you'll need to still use each app's own Open Recent submenu (in the File menu) for that. But it's a marked improvement over OS X's built-in recent-item features, and I've found it to be a handy tool for tracking and working with documents, folders, and other data.

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