Top 10 Facebook Graph Search questions answered

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Tips: How to Hire a Social Media Specialist

To make that happen, Straley suggests the following:

  • Create "share-worthy" Facebook content that's "useful, interesting or amazing."
  • Add Facebook Share and Like buttons to your Web content wherever possible.
  • Use rich media in Facebook posts. "Videos are probably most likely to be shared," Straley says, "followed by images, followed by text." (Author's note: See my blog post, When to Post on Facebook, for infographics that show the best time to share on Facebook by industry and other criteria.)
  • Reward those who share your content with exclusive content, promotions or other incentives.
  • Use the same keywords on Facebook that you're already using for organic SEO--provided those keywords are driving targeted traffic to your content. "The keywords people search for on Google are likely to be similar to or the same keywords they use on Facebook," Straley explains. "The bottom line is to know what consumers are talking about and looking for, and optimize all your content for that."

Conclusion: Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Though Google has 65 percent of the search engine market share at any given time, it's never a wise decision to rely entirely upon Google--or any other single source--to send targeted traffic to your content, SEO experts say. Facebook Graph Search presents marketers with an opportunity to "think outside the Google search box" and not "put all their eggs in one basket," LaRiviere says.

Ultimately, businesses that are already "doing the right thing" in terms of SEO, social media and content marketing will be in a good position as Facebook Graph Search rolls out.

"If you're already producing fresh, relevant, search-engine-optimized content, distributing it through your blog and promoting it on social networks, and giving your audience the ability to easily share that content on social media, then you're already doing what you need to do for Facebook Graph Search," LaRiviere says. "And if you're not doing any of that, now's the time to start."

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