Hey space fans, did you know you can actually get a job at NASA? Check it out

U.S. space agency hiring engineers, analysts, project managers and more

Credit: Image credit: Flickr /NASA Goddard Photo and Video

I've always been envious of NASA employees when a spacecraft safely lands on the moon or another planet. They all erupt in cheers and hug each other, as they did when the Curiosity Rover touched down on Mars last August (starting at the 5:40 mark of the video). Imagine working at such a fun and inspiring place? Turns out you can! NASA is hiring almost constantly for positions all around the country. You might not get a seat in the mission control room, but you still can be part of a team dedicated to space exploration. Right now NASA has 25 jobs posted on its website (down from 30 a few days ago, when I thought up this easy blog post idea first realized I could provide a valuable service to readers and, perhaps, change some lives). I've posted some of the job titles below, but before you look at them, check this out: The pay scales for 19 of the 25 jobs reach into six figures, and some even start in six figures. Also, if that's not enticing enough, you might get to be in cool music videos like this. Some current NASA jobs available: Intelligence Research Specialist, NASA headquarters, Washington, D.C. (annual salary $89,033 to $136,771) -- "Serves as the CI Senior Cyber Analyst responsible for performing functions that detect, deter and neutralize cyber espionage attempts again NASA information and information systems." Computer Engineer, Aerospace Technologist, Data Systems, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. (annual salary $105,211 to $155,500) -- "The Computing Environments and Collaborative Technologies Branch is recruiting to fill the position of Field Terminal Segment Lead for the Joint Polar Satellite System project." Management and Program Analyst, NASA headquarters, Washington, D.C. (annual salary $51,630 to $97,333) -- "Ensures accurate and timely submission of support budget documentation for the program and projects for information technology (IT) and Agency budget submissions as well as periodic reporting outside the Agency." Information Technology Specialist (Systems Administration), Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. (annual salary $105,211 to $136,771) -- "The individual will be responsible for strategic and tactical planning for the Center-wide information technology initiatives." NASA, by the way, has more than 18,000 employees (and an annual budget of $17.8 billion). According to this page on NASA's site, 60% of the agency's positions are "professional, engineering and scientific," and include accounting, aerospace engineering, biology, computer engineering, computer science, general engineering and meteorology. Another 24% of NASA jobs are administrative and management. They include administrative specialist, budget analyst, contract specialist and IT specialist. So if you're really into space, have the proper education and experience, can live with a six-figure salary and want to meet actual aliens (OK, I made up that last one), NASA may have a job for you. You can see all the jobs listed here, and read how to apply for a job here. Now read this:

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