Online trend for Super Bowl ads: The Extended Ad

Marketers now using YouTube to present before, during and after-game advertising

Thousands of sites are already writing about all of the Super Bowl ads presented last night during the game, about the winners and losers, etc. The biggest thing I noticed was the number of "extended" ads that are created, in which viewers are asked to head online to see additional material from the ad.


So not only are advertisers creating online ads that hit a week or two before the Super Bowl, but they're also then creating a second ad that they hope generates views after the game.

Take Samsung Mobile, for example. The first ad they ran four days ago was their teaser ad - the "El Plato Supreme" ad featured Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan, and it got 8.4 million views.

The actual ad, which ran during the game, has garnered 2.78 million views, and ran at about 2 minutes:

But in the "extended" version, we get a 4-minute, 41-second ad, with additional comedy and a longer version. However, at the moment it only has 13,537 views - likely that most people that are writing about the ads and embedding them into their posts are only doing so with the ads that ran during the game. But here's the "extended" one for Samsung:

Both Disney and Paramount provided additional trailers of the movies "Iron Man 3" and "Star Trek: Into Darkness", with Robert Downey, Jr., actually mocking the idea of an "extended version":

In the case of the Star Trek trailer, I watched the "extended version" via my smartphone app, but couldn't really tell the difference between that one and the one they played during the game, making the idea of an extended version kind of annoying.

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