Google, Facebook - and now Twitter - go to Washington

Tech companies spend millions each year lobbying for (and against) issues that can affect their business; how much do they spend and what issues do they spend it on?

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While Twitter brings its Washington operation to life, what are companies like Google, Facebook and Apple spending their lobbying money on? Thankfully, it’s all public record so we can easily see what issues they’re spending the most time and money supporting or fighting. Using the information on, I took a spin through their top lobbying issues in 2012 and the results, while not shocking, are interesting.

All in all, I was surprised how little these big companies spend on lobbying. But both Google and Facebook significantly increased their spending over 2011 (up from $9.68 million and $1.135, respectively) so it’ll be interesting to see if they keep increasing their lobbying budgets in the future. Also, will Twitter officially start lobbying and, if so, how much will they spend on issues that affect them?

Sadly, Jimmy Stewart was not available for comment.

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