Ten lies programmers tell themselves

Sitting alone staring at code all day can lead one to be less than honest with oneself. Here are some of the more common fibs that coders tell themselves

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I know what the client wants - I know what the client said, but that’s not really what they want.

QA will find any bugs - No need to go overboard with testing at this point.

This fix is so simple that we can put it straight into production - I may as well just push it live and go home for the weekend.

Of course this will scale - Worst case scenario is we load balance another server.

I could rewrite this pile of spaghetti legacy code and save time in the long run - If only I wasn’t so busy right now playing Halo 4 - I mean thinking through complex programming problems.

Any of these sound familiar? What other lies do you programmers tell yourselves? Please share in the comments.

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