The Weekly Hash - November 30, 2012

A review of this week’s goofiest tech stories, involving lederhosen, the International Atomic Energy Agency and (finally!) a cloud-based medical device for your dog

112912_lederhosen_small.jpgITworld/Phil Johnson

Here’s hoping you (and your wallet) survived Black Friday and Cyber Monday in one piece. Sit back, relax and pour yourself some eggnog as we kick off the Christmas season with some topical tech jokes.

Consumer Reports announced this week that Verizon was once again ranked number one in customer service among the major mobile carriers and AT&T came in last - just like Nate Silver predicted.

The city of Munich has migrated all of its desktops from Windows to Linux. After their experience with Windows they said they would never again pick an operating system during Oktoberfest.

Cyber Monday this year set a new record for online sales, totalling just under $2 billion. Cyber Monday, of course, comes after Black Friday but before Regretful Tuesday.

A group of hackers published the email addresses of 167 experts working with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Even more embarrassing: a bunch of them were caught exchanging flirty emails with David Petraeus.

This week we learned that Apple fired Richard Williamson, the man in charge of Apple Maps. Williamson said he was disappointed but looking forward to spending more time getting his own family lost.

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