The Weekly Hash - November 30, 2012

A review of this week’s goofiest tech stories, involving lederhosen, the International Atomic Energy Agency and (finally!) a cloud-based medical device for your dog

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A Japanese company has developed a device to track and store your dog’s health data online. It stores up to 14 days worth of medical information - but it’ll seem like 98 days to your dog.

On Thursday, the iPhone 5 was finally approved for sale in China. Two models were approved by Chinese regulators: one sweet and one sour.

Gmail will now let users send emails with 10GB attachments. Google said they wanted to get this feature released in time for embarrassing-drunken-holiday-party-video season.

On Monday a fake press release erroneously announced that Google had acquired Wi-Fi operator IOCA for $400 million. Even Larry Page was fooled; before it was confirmed as a hoax he had pulled $400 million out of his wallet.

Windows Phone 7 users got mad when they found out this week that the next OS update won’t happen until sometime next year. They're still not as mad as Windows Phone Vista users.

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