Mobile devices enhance in-store shopping

New Neilsen data finds that people use their smartphones to help with shopping at real bricks-and-mortar, shirt-shoes-and-pants-required stores

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These guys need to break out a smartphone

The Internet, has, of course, revolutionized the way we do many things, like shopping. From the comfort of our homes we can check prices, read reviews, look at pictures (and unboxings) of products and, of course, pull the trigger and make a purchase without getting out of the old La-Z-Boy. The rise of mobile devices has made online shopping even easier. Now we can do all of those shopping activities from just about anywhere we want, from the beach, from the back of the classroom during parent-teacher night at your kid’s school, even from the bathroom (so I hear, I mean). 

But, sometimes, as much as you’d like to, you just can’t avoid having to get out of bed, put on pants and (usually) a shirt and go to an actual bricks-and-mortar store to buy something. Or maybe you actually enjoy going to the mall and browsing the racks? In that case, mobile devices aren’t much help, right?

Not according to new research from Neilsen. Their findings show that mobile devices are also used by many people during in-store shopping. Not surprisingly, smartphones, more than tablets, are used by shoppers in stores. According to their findings, people shopping in-store use their devices for things like:

  • Referencing a shopping list - Done by 40% of smartphone owners in store (vs. 16% of tablet owners)
  • Checking prices - Done by 63% of smartphone owners in store (vs. 56% of tablet owners)
  • Using mobile coupons - Done by 39% of smartphone owners in store (vs. 10% of tablet owners)
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