Mobile devices enhance in-store shopping

New Neilsen data finds that people use their smartphones to help with shopping at real bricks-and-mortar, shirt-shoes-and-pants-required stores

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Neilsen finds that tablet owners use their tablets more for online shopping at home. It’ll be interesting to see if or how these findings change going forward as tablets shrink (and smartphones grow) in size.

I’m not much of a shopper (online or in-store) but I do have a wife and two daughters, the latter of whom are really starting to like the “let’s go to the mall and look at clothes and makeup” thing. So, I inevitably find myself in a mall or store every once and again and I can think of a few other ways that my iPhone has enhanced my in-store shopping experience. Perhaps some of you gents, when you’re forced to go out shopping, use your mobile device like me to do things like:

  • Send out a tweet or update your Facebook status indicating that you’re doing something more manly than shopping for that new vanity
  • Use your smartphone to show your wife your current bank balances and (hopefully) convince her that she doesn’t really need those new boots right now
  • Upload a picture of that sweet pulled pork sandwich you had for lunch to Instagram

In fact, I have a hard remembering how I survived shopping trips before I had a smartphone.

How about you? Do you use your mobile device while shopping in a store? If so, for what? Please share in the comments.

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