The Weekly Hash - December 7, 2012

A silly review of recent tech stories, this week featuring the Gambino crime family, Yoko Ono and the pope

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Thursday in California, the judge in the Samsung-Apple patent trial demanded the companies reach “global peace.” She then ordered both companies to get in bed with Yoko Ono.

Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the first text message. And later this month we’ll celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first heart attack over a texting bill.

Six people were arrested this week and charged with online auto sale fraud. Law enforcement officials said they became suspicious when they learned the six were involved in auto sales.

This week the European Union fined seven manufacturers of CRTs for price fixing. Next up the European Union is going after the manufacturers of washboards, abacuses and butter churns.

NASA announced this week that the Curiosity rover has discovered “complex chemicals” in the Martian soil. Here’s how complex they are: in order to identify the chemicals they’re consulting with the writers of Breaking Bad.

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