vSphere upgrade saga: vCloud Director 5.1

Credit: flickr/gnuckx

vCloud Director was one of the easiest upgrades but still required some VMware Knowledge Base articles to complete. As always before you do anything you need to "Read the Fine Manual". One misstep may mean starting all over again.

The steps I followed were:

1. Backup the vCloud Database

2. Make a vSphere snapshot of the vCloud VM. I use RedHat Enterprise Linux, but others are supported.

3. Copy over the upgrade packages and apply the RPM to upgrade vCloud Director.

4. Then run the database upgrade tool, this is where I ran into troubles. I received a “java.sql.SQLException duplicate key” error.

  • KB 2036620 provides the steps to fix this error, however you must first restore your vCloud Database. If you do not restore it, the steps will not work and you are better off starting over with vCloud Director

  • If this does not work, then you need to use configure instead of update and recreate your vCloud Director database, which is actually what I did as my vCloud was empty. I was in the midst of recreating it prior to the update. KB Articles 2034540 and 1025716 will help with recreating the database.

5. In order to continue with the web based configuration you will need to connect up the vSphere Web Client, as VMware vShield Manager requires this. vCNS 5.1.1 must be completely integrated to make use of vCloud Director and configure vCloud Director. This step is accomplished by going to https://vcenter:9443/vsphere-client for your vcenter server just once. It will then perform the appropriate mapping and allow vShield Manager to be used within vCloud Director.

I took this upgrade as a chance to recreate my vCloud Director cells and am working towards that goal to meet some security requirements.

Next we upgrade vSphere ESXi.

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