The Year in Review, courtesy of Twitter

Video and site highlights the biggest hashtags and events; customization lets you see your year as well

If you're a Tweet-a-holic who loves everything Twitter, you'll love checking out this video, highlighting the year in Tweets.


The company produced a very short video offering up the events that got hash-tagged frequently, as well as some images and new users to the service.

In addition, the company teamed up with Vizify to allow Twitter users to track their year in Twitter, based on the number of hashtags they used and most popular Tweets, etc. I did mine, and it turns out that I mainly Tweet when attending conferences (my biggest this year was the #citeconf and #demo2012). You can also see the year's biggest "Golden Tweets", messages that got the most re-tweets from users.

The company also released its top trends for the year - in the tech category, terms that most people Tweeted about included AT&T, iPhone, instagram, Skype, kindle, iPad, Pinterest, Draw Something, Amazon and Apple.

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