Disable the Windows 8 tiled start screen for good

Go straight to the Windows 7 desktop while enjoying all the benefits of Windows 8 with this utility

Windows 8 offers a number of significant benefits, including a great performance boost and new features like shared storage spaces. But not everyone's crazy about the tiled Start screen. If that sounds like you, try this program that restores the native Windows 7 start menu and desktop, making it so you never have to see the Metro UI again.

Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8 (Ex7forW8) brings the Windows 7 explorer.exe to Windows 8. It doesn't modify any system files or protected registry entries, and you can switch back to using the Windows 8 UI when you want to via the Start menu. You could also have other user accounts with the Windows 8 shell.

The program saves some memory because it doesn't load the Metro UI at all. The downside is this means Metro apps are unavailable and multi-monitor taskbars aren't accessible either.

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The benefits, though, might outweigh the downsides if you really hate Windows 8's Start screen. Although there are Start menu replacement programs you can use instead (I like Classic Shell), Ex7forW8 is unique in that it never loads the Start screen.

To install Ex7forW8, you'll need access to Windows 7 installation files and have to copy a couple of files over to your computer. Uninstalling the program is just a matter of going into Programs and Features.

Get the download and read more about it on the My Digital Life Forums.

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