2012's most popular holiday music

New data reveals that when it comes to holiday music, all we want for Christmas is Mariah Carey

holiday_music-600x450_0.jpgflickr/Myrna Litt
Apparently, most people's idea of good holiday music doesn't involve a triangle

When it comes to Christmas music, my tastes run pretty traditional. I like the classics and my favorite recordings are jazz, swing or big band-ish versions, and the traditional crooners. I don’t mind some other genres, either, but I’ll generally take Ella Fitzgerald’s, Frank Sinatra’s or Bing Crosby’s versions of White Christmas over anyone else’s.

Apparently, though, I’m in the minority, at least based on recent data on holiday music listening released by Neilsen. According to their findings, which are based on digital downloads in 2012, people’s preferences for holiday music break down by genre as follows:

  1. Pop/Rock - 32% 
  2. Other - 20% 
  3. Jazz - 13%
  4. Country - 12% 
  5. Classical - 10%
  6. Soundtrack - 6%
  7. R&B - 5%

I find this list troubling. Pop/Rock holiday songs are the most favorite? I love rock music, and a decent amount of pop, but this is kind of disappointing. Bob Dylan is fine with me just about any time - just so long as it isn’t him singing I’ll Be Home for Christmas while I’m sipping eggnog. I also love the Beatles, more than any other group, but their Christmas songs weren’t exactly on par with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. And don’t get me started on Lady Gaga.

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