How to download all your Instagram photos (for backup or if you want to cancel your account)

If you're not sure about staying with Instagram, better grab all your photos while you can

Popular photo-sharing and filter-adding site Instagram (owned by Facebook) is getting a lot of heat for its recent terms of service changes, one of which means your photo(s) could be sold for or used in advertisements. If you're not crazy about that idea or just want to make sure you have all your photos while you decide, here are a few easy ways to download them.

Free Instagram Downloader is, as the name implies, a free utility to download your Instagram snapshots. It works on Windows only but can download any user's shared photos in one batch, with some options, including the ability to download a list of photo URLs.

If your photos or private or you're not using Windows, take a look at Instaport, a webapp that downloads all your Instagram photos in a .zip file. You just need to connect your Instagram account with the service to use it.

Finally, wonderful webapp automation service IFTTT can automatically send all your Instagram photos to another service--Evernote, Google Drive, or Dropbox, for example. Because you can set up what triggers the photo downloading (e.g., every time you upload or star a new photo), this is great for ongoing Instagram backup or export.

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