The Weekly Hash - December 14, 2012

A silly review of tech stories from this past week, today featuring the pope tweeting, a $30,000 TV and job openings for pot smoking IT professionals

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Have you installed the Google Maps app on your iPhone yet?

Only 11 shopping days left until Christmas, so thank goodness Apple released the Google Maps app for the iPhone this week. Now we can all find our way to the mall again and spend way too much money. WHEW!

Here are some of the goofy tech stories of the past week...

On Wednesday Apple made the Google Maps app available for the iPhone. It’s free and easy to install - aside from the awkward conversation you have to have with Siri.

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Samsung TVs that could allow hackers to change the channel. Remember that the next time you get caught watching Honey Boo Boo.

On Wednesday Pope Benedict tweeted for the first time. He liked it so much that afterward he decreed that all confessions be 140 characters or less.

Health care provider Kaiser Permanente has begun hiring 500 professionals for its new IT campus in Colorado. They’re offering generous salaries and benefits that include free snacks every day at 4:20.

In February Sharp will begin offering a 60-inch 4K TV for $30,000. So for $30,000 you can either watch Jersey Shore on the most life-like picture ever or you can just hire the cast to come to your house.

A new study released on Tuesday estimates that by 2020 there will be 5,200 GB worth of data for every person on Earth. For Americans it’s actually not that much on a per-pound basis.

Last week a political party in Italy held an online election to choose their parliamentary candidates. Voters got to choose from 1,400 people and 2,000 really cute cats.

This week police in Australia warned people not to use Apple Maps, after it led several drivers to get stranded in a national park. It’s so bad that Apple is now Australian for “lost.”

A new study by Neilsen found that Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social media in July. Experts worry that we’ve lost our ability to waste time like our ancestors did.

On Tuesday Microsoft began delivering enhancement updates to Windows Phone 8 units. It’s a pretty significant enhancement - it installs Android. 

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