vSphere upgrade saga: vSphere ESXi and Host Profiles

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  • Import the HP Offline bundle into VUM using ‘Import Patches’

  • Add the HP Offline bundle extension to your baseline

  • Select the HP Offline Bundle extension and stage across all nodes

  • Per node remediate the node

This will reboot your nodes, so once more ensure vCops components are not on the node to be rebooted.

Host Profiles

There are a number of cleanup operations that needed to happen once I upgraded everything to vSphere 5.1. Specifically I have to ensure my nodes have the same host profile and remove unused virtual switches and other components I no longer use. Host Profiles has always been a bit of a bear to use -- I can never get it so all nodes show 100% compliant, there is always something. Now with a fresh install it is time to try and get it right.


  • Look through the nodes and determine which has the settings I desire or is as close as possible to the v5.0 profile I originally had. This is as simple as scanning against the existing profile and looking at what has the fewest broken elements.

  • Clean up the node by fixing any security, vSwitch, or storage issues. This is a very good time to go through the configuration just to be sure it is as you expect.

  • Third, create a new profile from this Host.

  • Apply the profile to the baseline host. Why do this? So you know the profile is correct and it applies, as well as giving you the chance to further clean up the baseline node. Since you have to apply host profiles in maintenance mode, all VMs will be evacuated via vMotion. Applying host profiles of this magnitude often requires a reboot of the node.

  • Apply the baseline profile to each node in turn. Reboot after the baseline has been applied and exit maintenance mode.

Now when I run a Profile Compliance update I only see three failures, which seem to not ever clear up. These failures are related to vShield Manager not being installed on the node (only need one per cluster), and local disks that appear only on the baseline node.

Next up: time to clean up backup appliances.

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