vSphere upgrade saga: Fixing backup and other virtual appliances

Credit: flickr/bobsfever

Ever since I upgraded vCenter Server to v5.1, my backup tool (I run several actually for testing purposes) has been failing, unable to connect to vCenter. This is not unexpected as my SSL certificate for vCenter changed, and with that change comes the need to fix my backup tool. How to do this is actually fairly straightforward.

To fix it, I needed to re-credential the service with vCenter using the new credentials. But I have gone one step further and gave each of my virtual management appliances their own credentials, which will help with auditing in the long run. This has been a best practice for years, and is very much worth doing, since you need to re-credential your appliances with this vCenter upgrade. If you have to upgrade your SSL certificate, it is worth giving each appliance their own credentials.

Here are some appliances and what has to happen:

Veeam Backup and Replication:

  • Find the server you wish to recredential in the left hand window near the bottom of the Veeam Backup and Replication program.

  • Right click on the Server

  • Select Properties

  • Run through the configuration once more to update your credentials.

Quest vRanger Pro

  • Open up "My Inventory"

  • Enter the vCenter Inventory

HP Insight Manager

  • Options -> VME Options -> View VME Settings

  • Click 'here' to add/modify/delete VME Credentials

  • Modify the credentials and resubmit

You need to do this for all your virtual management appliances or any that touch VMware vCenter directly.

Next up: upgrading vCenter Operations Manager and Infrastructure Navigator

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