iPad mini parodies are viral gold

Learn to play "Heart and Soul" if you want to get video viewers

It's hard enough to try and get one video to go viral - imagine how hard it is to get two within a few weeks of each other.


If you're YouTuber LaughPong, though, that's exactly what you did - getting hundreds of thousands of video views by making fun of Apple's new iPad mini commercial - the one where someone is playing "Heart and Soul" on the iPad and iPad mini's piano app.

The first video, which published on Oct. 26, is a parody that shows the "iMac Touch", a possible new product from Apple:

Then yesterday, the channel came up with its latest video, a "leaked TV ad" (but really just a parody) of what a Microsoft Surface vs. iPad commercial might look like:

The second ad is so good, you might want to pay attention, Microsoft, and use this as a real ad concept.

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