Top 20 questions of 2012: What ITworld readers wanted to know

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Mobile device questions were top-of-mind in 2012 as readers looked to switch devices or to get more from their smartphones and tablets. And the ITworld community chimed in with answers at the ready. But 2012 wasn't all iPhone and Android. Windows 8 also grabbed its share of attention, and Raspberry Pi, SOPA, and 802.11ac also got their due.

Here, then, are your most popular questions of 2012:

20. Is the Windows 8 Start Screen Customizable?

19. How to take screenshots on Android phone?

18. How can you run Windows on an iPad?

17. How do you print iPhone text messages on a PC?

16. What is the best OS to run on Raspberry Pi?

15. Can anyone recommend a good tablet with an SD card?

14. How can I turn off the Windows 8 start screen?

13. How much better is 802.11ac WiFi, and when will we see it in consumer products?

12. How concerned are you that SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) will pass, and what impact will it have if it does?

11. What can you really do with a Raspberry Pi, the new $35 computer?

10. What are the biggest problems associated with Microsoft Windows 8?

9. How do you transfer files from an iPad to your work desktop without using iTunes?

8. Why can't I personalize Windows 8?

7. Can I install iOS 6 on an iPhone 3G?

6. How can I tell if my Android phone has been hacked?

5. Is there a way to run iOS apps on Windows? Or on a Mac?

4. Why won't Windows 8 apps launch?

3. How do I send calls directly to voicemail on my iPhone?

2. Can I run Windows on an Android tablet like the Motorola Xoom?

1. Is there any way to pull SMS messages off my iPhone?

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