Future computers will be able to smell, hear and taste

IBM predicts computing trends for next five years

IBM has produced a bunch of videos highlighting what it feels are the advances in computing over the next five years.


As is the case at the end of the year, several companies are making predictions about the future of technology. IBM has done a bit better, adding a bunch of videos to its predictions. As part of its "5 for 5" predictions about computing technology, the company says that computers will become more cognitive, using similar features of our five senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.

This first video gives a general overview of their predictions, via interviews with five very smart scientists:

Getting more specific, this video discusses how your computer will smell in the future (no, the answer isn't "quite badly!" Shecky…)

The second video discusses how you won't be able to just touch your phone, but touch things through the phone, like feeling fabric or other textures via vibration:

In this video, we discover how computers in five years will not only be able to see images, but understand them:

In the fourth of the "senses", this video discusses how computers might be able to understand the different types of cries that a baby makes (Hey, the Simpsons created one of those years ago in one of their episodes!):

In the fifth video, we see "taste", in which computers will be able to analyze the chemical makeup of foods, figure out what individuals like, and then create new foods or recipes based on that data to make healthier food. Like chocolate tacos? Count me in.

What are your thoughts on these predictions? Let me know in the comments below!

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