The 7 best iPad board games for Christmas

iPad-based board game fun for all the family

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If you want a digital version of a classic: Monopoly (normally £4.99; on sale for 69p at time of writing) or Scrabble (£6.99)

So Regent Street is torn, most of the Chance cards are gone and someone pinched the iron. Or you've lost all the vowels, half the letter stands and the board. This is the natural and inevitable end of a much-loved family board game, particularly if it regularly goes on journeys to Grandma's or the local.

If you raid the games cupboard and discover that an old favourite has finally reached the point of no return - or realise that your kindly hosts don't have a copy of something you were depending on - then one option is to download the digital version to your iPad. The official Monopoly and Scrabble apps will serve you well, but bear in mind that there is likely to be a cheaper, similar game on the App Store if you can do without the correct branding.

If you're in a silly mood: Fingle (£1.49)

Like Small World this is for two players only, but you can always take it in turns. It's a lot of fun, but somewhat unsettling and deeply odd.

Fingle is essentially miniature Twister, using only your fingers. Small shapes appear on the screen, and the two of you have to place your fingers in the right place, and keep them on the shapes as they move around. You'll find your fingers more entwined than a couple of freemasons playing thumb wars.

Full review of Fingle for the iPad here.

If you want to test your trivia skills: Trivial Pursuit Master Edition (69p)

A bargain option, this, and a lot of fun. The main down side is that the questions are multiple choice, which makes things a lot easier (quite often you'll be able to rule one out right away, leaving it as a 50/50 shot), but really nothing beats hassling your in-laws with trivia questions, and this has loads.

*This may just have been the Price household. It's an odd game, but quite fun.

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