The 10 most-popular ITworld.TV blog posts in 2012

What resonated with the ITworld.TV audience during the year? Cool videos, of course!

We survived the Mayan apocalypse and got done with all the Christmas craziness, so what's left to do until the new year kicks in?


In true lazy journalism fashion, let's look back at 2012 and see what we were doing for the past 12 months! This blog is no different - here's a list of the 10 postings that got the most page views during 2012. Feel free to click the link to re-watch one of your favorite videos!

#10: If aliens arrive, what do we ask them? Bill Nye has some ideas

#9: Time Machine: Why didn't Internet on TV take off in 1983?

#8: Star Wars/Gotye parody video proves how unhip I am

#7: Did this 1985 film coin the phrase 'information superhighway' and predict Siri?

#6: Sega launches urinal-based video game in Japan

#5: Quad-rotors turn Back to the Future car into reality

#4: Watch the Batman logo mutate over 70 years

#3: Wizard of Oz / Pink Floyd synchronization now on YouTube

#2: Watch how the Moon was formed

#1: 32-year-old talks to 12-year-old self via VHS

For the entire year, we discovered that we achieved more than 2 million page views of this blog - I'd like to thank those who have visited the site (hopefully you've all signed up for the RSS feed!), and here's looking forward to 2013 and more crazy, geek-and-tech-related videos!

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