Find what you need today: gas, your polling place, a free ride to the polls

These timely tools and services can help you through the fuel shortage and where you need to be to cast your vote

Thank goodness for the web. With it, we can all meet two pressing needs today: getting out to vote (with a free cab ride, to boot) and tracking down available gas stations.

If you live in an area hit by Hurricane Sandy, you've probably seen the crazy hours-long lines of cars desperate for gas. Instead of driving around aimlessly hoping to find a station that's open and has fuel, use GasBuddy's Fuel Shortage Tracker. The site lets you search for stations with fuel available, and you can help others by reporting if a station is open, closed, or out of fuel. (GasBuddy is helpful in non-Sandy-hit areas as well, showing gas prices by location.)

Want to save gas and still get out to do your civic duty as a voter (whether or not there's a gas shortage in your area)? Car ride company Uber, in partnership with Rock the Vote, is offering all voters in America a free ride to or from their polling stations. It's valid Tuesday, November 6 during voting hours and good for a free ride up to $20.12, as long as your trip starts or ends at a polling station. Use the coupon code VOTEUBER during sign-up in Uber's iPhone or Android app or on

Finally, if you don't know where you're supposed to go today to cast your ballot, Google will tell you. Head to the search engine's Polling Place Lookup to find out--or the NSFW version here.

Although the lines may be long, whether you're heading to a gas station or a polling place, hopefully the end result will be worth it.

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