5 technologies for Democrats and Republicans to fight over

The election may (almost) be over, but that’s no reason for Democrats and Republicans to stop fighting!

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"iOS!" "No, Android!"

After months - nay, years - of yelling, debating, baby kissing and rallying, Election Day 2012 is finally here! By the end of tonight (fingers and toes crossed) we’ll know the election results and it’ll all be over until the next election cycle begins (I believe that 2016 presidential debates start next week). For most people, it’s a welcome end to all the partisan fighting.

But not for everyone. Some of us (ahem) enjoy the “robust discussions” around a good presidential campaign and will actually be sad to see it end. If you’re one of those people, I’m here to say not to worry! Just because the election is over doesn’t mean the partisan bickering has to end. There are still no shortage of topics Republicans and Democrats can fight over, particularly in the IT and technology realm.

For those of you who enjoy such things, here are five tech topics that the right and left can still disagree on, long after today’s last vote is counted:

Android vs. iOS - Remember the Mac vs PC ads, where the Mac guy was all cool and young and the PC guy was an older nerd? Well, times have changed, as anyone who's seen the Samsung Galaxy ads spoofing the folks waiting in line outside an Apple store can tell you. The two young hipsters who exchange music playlists by touching phones and agree to meet later “at the studio” (translation: smoke weed) are obviously left wingers, while the whiter, dorkier schlubs waiting in line may as well be wearing Romney/Ryan buttons. Plus, Democrats love the multitude of hardware choices that Android devices provide, while Republicans love the strict, inflexible nature of the Apple ecosystem.

Amazon Prime vs. Netflix Streaming - Republicans are Amazon fans all the way because (a) Amazon keeps their sales numbers more private than Mitt Romney does his tax returns and (b) they can watch good, clean, family shows like Gilligan’s Island (starring Thurston and Lovey Howell!). Democrats, on the other hand, prefer the wide variety of PBS programming available on Netflix, from Downton Abbey to Ken Burns.

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